196 - Game loader 201607162300

Latest loader for taito type x and other arcade

Bemani explorer beta5r7

For viewing and extracting .ifs image files to PNG

Codebreaker v10

Enables cheats for ps2 games

Ea local server

Used to bypass network error on boot for most konami games


Codec for bemani games

Idmacx v1.1 fix 4

Nesicaxlive loader with game keys

Ifs tool

Extract .ifs files to .tga .tga to tex converter and repack back to .ifs

Pendual offline server

Allows you to save scores (Customisation can be done via hexedits)

Spada offline server

Allows you to save scores, customise frame and avatar

Spada omnimix offline server

Same as Spada offline server but for omnimix


Calibration tool for older iidx arcade games