Wednesday 5th April 2017 - Merged iidx and sound voltex uncracked data into one page.
Also RAR version of data uploaded
(The reason for using rar is to eliminate broken parts which can be an issue when using solid compression with 7zip)

The new page can be found on the LINKS section, It's basically going to be the same data as their 7zip counterparts
Altho I may update them with recent fixes such as tricoro omnimix all music dll and copula missing bga etc

As for the site itself.. im kinda lazy to add any new info or screenshot's at the moment
If you need help with anything (Most likely nesicaxlive related) you should probably head over to emuline or 1cc chat

Friday 17th March 2017 -
 Chaos code new sign of catastrophe ver.2.11 added. Thanks to 1cc

Wednesday 8th February 2017 -
 Much needed site cleanup (old links completely removed)

Tuesday 7th February 2017 -
 Sound voltex iii gravity wars season 2 premium free + all unlocked updated with fixed music_db (Now the unlocks should actually be unlocked lol) 

Sunday 5th February 2017 -
 Copula offline server added to tools page

Monday 30th January 2017 -
 Just a small addition to the site, Project qp (link added to navbar)
Overtime this will feature all the qp avatars from iidx which will hopefully be useful when trying to choose character parts.

Note -
Some character parts didn't align correctly, those will be fixed when everything else is finished

Saturday 28th January 2017 -
 Sound voltex iii gravity wars season 2 added. (LOL I dont think that's the official name.. but its updated to latest version). Thanks again to 1cc

Sound voltex iii gravity wars season 2 premium free + all unlock uploaded.
(Note - its not really 'premium free' sound voltex doesn't have one, but it does play the last stage indefinitely which means unlimited plays.

Also regular sound voltex iii gravity wars premium free + all unlock (forgot to upload)

Side note -
Site is still being fixed, download links are on archive.html NOT archive.htm some of the old webpages link back to .htm which is the old site which still needs fixing. Just go back to the mainpage and click ARCHIVE for the correct download page. Sorry for the confusion.

Tuesday 24th January 2017 -
Pop'n music éclale added.
Guide added (Which can also be used for previous games in the series)

Thanks to 1cc for the upgrade

Update - Pop'n music éclale e drive fix + all music unlock uploaded.  Thanks to kaiden x

Sunday 22nd January 2017 -
Copula omnimix bga fix updated (jan 13th 2017) added to ARCHIVE OMNIMIX

ラクエン Feat.Chiharu Chonan -JAKA respect for KSK Remix fixed!
か・し・ま・し☆PUMP UP!bga is wrong fixed!

Monday 2nd January 2017 -
Copula omnimix bga fix and missing video added to ARCHIVE OMNIMIX
Ez2ac endless circulation graphic fix v2 added to ARCHIVE EZ2DJ

Thanks to kamui,dendy and kaiden for copula fix <3

Thursday 29th December 2016 -
Still fixing site (theme change etc).

Nesicaxlive games have been added to archive page - Launcher with game keys added to tools page.
(Idmacx v1.1 fix 4)

2 small fixes soon for ez2ac endless circulation (Getting rid of those crappy youtube link graphic files)
And copula omnimix special bga's fix and missing video to upload. (Bit more work is needed before release)

Then there isnt much to do unless any other games are released.

Also minor addition, .md5 files will be added to the archive page so you can hash check the files you download (Cause 7zip is very bad for testing)

Sunday 25th December 2016 -
Merry christmas ! x
(Except sows and bemanicn, hope they get a lump of coal and freeze to death)

Saturday 19th November 2016 - Beatmania iidx 23 copula (LDJ:J:A:A:2016083100) being uploaded, omnimix to follow after that.

Beatmania iidx 23 copula now available to download.
Beatmania iidx 23 copula omnimix now available to download.

Tuesday 15th November 2016 - Copula upgrade has been removed. To make way for the latest data when its available.

Friday 11th November 2016 - Copula upgrade (LDJ:A:A:A:2015111100) now available
Extract over pendual, Press test button for any errors you encounter during boot
(Set test and service keys with config.exe)

Note - All music unlock and premium free mode dll uploaded. Currently this only enables all the previous style music, copula only has a total of 39 tracks.

Also due to this being an earlier version of the game, it won't include things like the new result screens etc

Note -
The upgrade does not change the version id "LDJ:A:A:A:2015080500" with the correct one which is LDJ:A:A:A:2015111100  If you want to fix it open ea3-config.xml from the prop folder (With notepad) and enter it in this line - <ext __type="str">2015111100</ext>

^ Thanks to pkahozen.

Monday 31st October 2016 - Pendual offline server now available

Happy halloween ! (Except bemanicn and sows. Fuck them, hope they get boiled and eaten by a witch)


Thursday 27th October 2016 - Ainsun is now online for e-amusement support.

Friday 7th October 2016 - Sound voltex uncracked hdd's uploaded. Added to links page

Wednesday 5th October 2016 - All uncracked iidx hdd's uploaded. Cracks will follow over the next few days.

Things to do list:
Guitar freaks v4
Reflec beat colette
Upload any other new arcade games (nesica x live kof xiii !!)

The king of fighters xiii climax now available to download

Thursday 22th September 2016 - New color scheme ^-^ (Unfinished.. but when has the site ever been ?)
Progress is still being made with uncracked iidx (almost done)
All tool links have been replaced and mega downloader links, Those skunkbrained rat pushers xD never give up eh..

Next to upload is the few remaining games like reflec beat and guitarfreaks
Also im going to remove project diva f and f 2nd and replace with the psn versions as the dreamy theater games are psn only.

Monday 12th September 2016 - Links for megadownloader and TOOLS is down. Will be back up asap
All links fixed. Fat bastard corin and his chubby little minions will just have to keep crying.

Friday 9th September 2016 - Beatmania iidx 22 pendual (uncracked) now available (
Again.. It's going to take a while before they are all uploaded so be patient

Also instead of written guides I will just make video tutorials when that time comes. 

Monday 5th September 2016 - Creating a mini-site for uncracked versions of iidx
(With setup guides and cracks/hex edits etc)

Why iidx ? And why uncracked ? Because I love iidx and some people prefer untouched data.
Also there is nothing else to do, so why not.

Also in reguards to yesterday still holds true. Whilst im not taken anything down.
There are those that want to and I think are spiteful enough to do it.

Which brings me on to my next point, I occasionally get emails from other people offering to help share or different ways to go about it.

However there seems to be an association with this site and still not having any where else to find stuff.
Instead of trying to help me, You would be helping everyone by simply uploading and sharing the data around on various forums etc.

Sunday 4th September 2016 - Alright it appears this is the end. No more content will be added to the site and when links get removed they will not be getting replaced. Would like to say its been fun, but actually it's been shit.

Friday 19th August 2016 - Launching a sub-site that will be for any other games that I feel are worth sharing
Mostly wii u, ps3, xbox360 and 3ds -

Yes.. I know. No links are up yet

Tuesday 9th August 2016 - As nothing is really happening at the moment here is another email I got recently.
Thankfully I don't get many of these pity letters
"Why don't you join us, its easy.. Why do you say hateful things about sows" yadda yadda.

Oh! and I already have my invite pic (Scroll down) - Waiting for that email

Monday 1st August 2016 - Jubeat saucer fulfill now available
Working on tools and hex pages today.
Update -
Extract - repack - ifs replaced with Ifs tool (Now includes gui, hopefully makes it easier to use)

Friday 29th July 2016 - Jubeat prop and the other jubeat games now available
Update -
Jubeat ripples removed (It was actually saucer lol)

It has also come to my attention that any sows members joining chat are at risk of getting banned by the scum in-charge of bemaniso.

I'd like to remind those people that this is not about fighting for data or competition.
I collect and share games like others do and what other sites do outside this mess of a 'community' that bemaniso has created.

Let's be honest here, the only reason people stick around sows is for data and eamusement support. Do you think people really like being dictated to what websites they can visit and who they can socialise with ?

Oh and btw Leggendaria>Leaks>Sows>Djhackers>Konami For those still trying to justify being a pirate. :)
Remember ! Don't horde data (Quote stolen from bemaniso you know.. the ones that horde data)

Thursday 28th July 2016 - Jubeat links will be available next week
Update -
Lunatic rave bms will be added again later
Update 2 -
Tools page now up, Adding more content over time

Wednesday 27th July 2016 - Links page now up, will add more sites soon
Update -
Jubeat ripples, Jubeat knit, Jubeat saucer being uploaded.

Tuesday 26th July 2016 - New web layout ! ^-^
Yes it looks similar to the old one but with a few more nav links.

Note - I havent actually finished the conversion yet.. but all the existing links should work
Therefore there will be a weird hybrid between old and new layout over the next few days

Update - Gamma settings changed for background image and table transparrency.

It is finally time to submit my cindy picture. Send invite to :